Disputes within the family are the most difficult because they involve the people closest to us. Nobody wants a stranger involved in their personal affairs. Chances are you are looking at hiring a lawyer as a last result.

We can often help resolve disputes that family members could never resolve on their own. We have seen what spouses and what families fight about and how these fights have in the past been resolved.

We have experience handling all sorts of domestic issues affordably and quickly. We routinely handle divorces, legal separations, modifications of child custody and support decrees, paternity actions and adult abuse actions.

Prior to meeting with us for the first time, we would ask that you help provide us with background information by filling out our Dissolution Questionnaire.

If you would like to get an initial idea of the amount of child support you may have to pay or you may have paid to you, consult this online Form 14.

Our services relating to family law include the following:

  • Initial advice about problems including possible solutions.
  • Full representation relating to any court actions in which we are retained. This includes, drafting pleading, handling necessary discovery and advice based upon extensive experience relating to these matters.
  • Mediation and settlement when in your best interest.
  • Trial of all family law matters including dissolution of marriage, child custody , child support, division of property and maintaince.