The Law Office of Cox & Associates, LLC can help you if you have recently experienced serious money problems. Perhaps you have lost your job, your wages were decreased, or your overtime was eliminated. Maybe you made a bad business investment or have fallen victim to credit card debt. Financial problems are stressful and can be overwhelming, but you should know that there are legal options available to you. You have the ability to achieve a fresh financial start with the help of federal bankruptcy law and the Law Office of Cox & Associates, LLC.

The Law Office of Cox & Associates, LLC is dedicated to facilitating a stress-free legal experience for clients wanting to file bankruptcy. Financial difficulties are nerve-racking enough without having to worry about excessive red tape and administrative bureaucracy. That is precisely why the Law Office of Cox & Associates, LLC. wants you to focus on your financial recovery while your attorney takes care of all of your bankruptcy legal needs. By retaining the services of the Law Office of Cox & Associates, LLC you can feel confident that a bankruptcy attorney will be working with you to help reduce or eliminate your debt, save your home from foreclosure, and stop annoying creditors from harassing you.

We limit our consumer practice to Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy or “straight” bankruptcy eliminates most of your debts. If you have substantial real or personal property, the Trustee may sell your property and distribute the money from the sale to your creditors. Any remaining unsecured debt that is unable to be paid for by your property proceeds is then eliminated. If you don’t have a lot of property, it is possible to keep everything that you have. Some types of debt, however, are unable to be completely eliminated. You should know, however, that there are other alternatives to chapter 7 bankruptcy that are available to you. The Law Office of Cox & Associates, LLC can help you with nonbankruptcy alternatives available such as composition of creditors arrangements.

Our representation includes:

  • Initial consultation to determine if you qualify for relief under bankruptcy or need other help. (Consultation $50)
  • Preparation of bankruptcy pleading and schedules.
  • Advice and counsel concerning rights and responsibilities under bankruptcy.
  • Representation in contested matters relating to bankruptcy.
  • Drafting composition of creditor agreements when advisable.

It is immensely important to discuss all of the various bankruptcy options that are available to you with an experienced Bankruptcy Attorney. At the Law Office of Cox & Associates, LLC you will receive practical, quality, and reliable financial advice. You can rest assured that the Law Office of Cox & Associates, LLC will take care of all of your personal financial needs while protecting your legal rights and promoting your vital interests. Our representation of individuals relating to consumer debt may involve Bankruptcy Relief under Title 11 of the U.S. Code. As such, we are considered a debt relief agency for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.