In my last blog post I discussed what the United States Constitution says about the Right to Bear Arms.  Justice Scalia in the District of Columbia v Heller case, traced these rights back to the “English Declaration of Rights” of 1688 which guarantee the rights of Englishmen to bear arms as protection from the tyranny of the English government.   Heller discusses the right of self-defense and other reasons for the 2nd Amendment.  This time I will discuss the laws on this subject if you reside in Missouri.  First of all, we must recognize that the rights of anyone in Missouri or any other state relatingRead More →

About four out of ten Americans live in a home with a gun owned by them or another of the occupants.  In rural America 46% of the adult say they own a gun.    Yet, a substantial portion of our American citizens question the propriety and wisdom of allowing average citizens to possess and own firearms.  I have decided to write several blog posts over the next few months about gun ownership.  In this first installment, I will analyze what the U.S. Constitutions says about the this subject.  In later installments, I will discuss specifically what the laws are in Missouri and certain cities in MissouriRead More →