Are you afraid that you are paying too much in commercial or residential real estate taxes? County assessors valuate property using a mass appraisal system which may have the effect of valuating your property too high and which may require you to pay more than your fair share in taxes. Use our simple tax savings calculator below to determine what you could be saving if your property is valued correctly.

If you are paying more taxes than you should, contact us and we will be happy to work with you to make sure that your property is fairly and accurately valuated.

When you contact use, we will review the information you provide concerning your real estate and its current assessment, and then we will provide you advice as to whether our services might be of some benefit to you in your particular situation. Please be advised that in order to appeal a determination of your tax bill, an appeal before the County Board of Equalization must be filed within certain deadlines. It is therefore important that you come see us before June 1 of the tax year you would like to appeal. This part of our practice is limited to real estate located in the State of Missouri.