You are standing before the judge for the first time. Perhaps you are generally a law abiding citizen who made a stupid mistake or associated with the wrong people. Perhaps you have been around the block once or twice. Maybe you’re guilty and maybe your innocent. One thing’s for certain – you need a lawyer.

If you qualify, you can apply for a public defender at little to no cost to yourself. However, if you have bonded out of jail, chances are you won’t get a public defender. And while the public defender’s office is staffed with competent attorneys, the unfortunate fact of the matter is that they are overwhelmed with cases and simply cannot give your case the care and consideration that a private attorney can.

We have experience handling all sorts of criminal cases, from traffic tickets and municipal infractions to misdemeanors and serious felony offenses. We know the judges and we know the law. We can make sure that your side of the story is told and that your rights are preserved.